WheelCoin Move2Earn Powers Scope 3 Emissions Tracking for Employee Mobility

Boyd Cohen, Ph.D. CEO IoMob
3 min readDec 14, 2022


We built and launched WheelCoin as a Move2Earn (M2E) app to accelerate the adoption of green mobility in cities around the globe. WheelCoin (available in the Android and iOS stores) rewards users for choosing trains, buses, scooters/bikes and walking over normal cars for their journeys.

Since launching the first beta on October 1st, WheelCoin has already registered more than 385,000 user journeys in countries such as Japan, Indonesia, India, Spain, the US and the UK among many others and issued more than 30,000 WheelCoin reward tokens!

Current data on most active WheelCoin users around the globe.

The WheelCoin app detects what mode of mobility a user is on and when they choose a greener option than a normal car, they are rewarded with WheelCoin (WHL), a type of “air miles for green mobility” loyalty program. One WHL= 1 kg of avoided emissions compared with the same journey in a typical combustion engine car for the same distance.

WHL can already be used for obtaining discounts on green mobility services such as Tier and Dott scooters, Beryl bikes, EV taxis (EV water taxis too), EV carsharing (by Jaguar) and e-bike subscriptions among others. WHL can also be used for obtaining digital collectibles with more utility coming in 2023.

Screenshots from WheelCoin showing the data tracking and WHL utility/gamification

As we have started to engage with a range of stakeholders interested in accelerating green mobility option through such a gamification scheme, we have been overwhelmed by the interest from corporations in leveraging WheelCoin for anonymized tracking of employee mobility.

Why? Because employee mobility is one of the biggest sources of carbon emissions for many companies, especially consulting, financial services, software and others that do not produce physical products in factories. The whole world is paying attention to climate change and increasingly companies are voluntarily reporting their carbon emissions and actively seeking ways to reduce emissions, while in many jurisdictions, companies are now being required to report on what is called “scope 3 emissions” including employee mobility.

Increasing regulatory requirements for Scope 3 reporting & challenges faced to capture this data.

Yet accounting for employee mobility emissions is nearly a black box for companies around the globe. How can companies reliably track and account for how their employees move to the office, to other meetings and when they are traveling for work in other cities and countries?

To our surprise companies themselves and consultancies and software companies seeking to assist enterprises with carbon accounting have not found a viable, scalable and reliable solution. Instead, companies tend to rely on annual employee surveys or other forms of voluntary, random self reporting by employees to then come up with some kind of estimate of scope 3 emissions for employee mobility.

WheelCoin offers a much better way for all stakeholders.

For companies. WheelCoin generates anonymized highly accurate (95%) employee mobility and emissions data while gamifying employees to move greener.

For employees. Employees, not the companies, receive WHL as a loyalty coin which can be used for discounts on green mobility services, for acquiring digital collectibles and even converted to cash if desired.

For carbon consultancies and software providers. For the first time, these companies can offer WheelCoin for Business to enterprise customers to dramatically increase the accuracy of Scope 3 employee mobility emissions reporting.

For green mobility providers. They gain access to new customers who care about moving green, reducing their customer acquisition cost.

For the planet. Well, transportation is one of the highest sources of global emissions and we are in a race against time. WheelCoin can accelerate the adoption of green, lower carbon mobility worldwide.

To learn more about WheelCoin for Business, please contact: wheelcoin@iomob.net

To download WheelCoin and start earning, check out https://wheelco.in



Boyd Cohen, Ph.D. CEO IoMob

Boyd is a researcher and entrepreneur in smart, sustainable & entrepreneurial cities, He´s authored 3 books & is CEO of IoMob. boydcohen.impress.ly