Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and Mobility on Demand (MOD) via Blockchain

  1. MaaS assumes users desire to have a monthly budget for their mobility needs (somewhat as a replacement to the old way of car ownership which contains loan or lease payment, insurance and maintenance), whereas in MOD it is not assumed that the user will pay a fixed monthly service fee for specific mobility services.
  2. MaaS is primarily concerned with personal mobility whereas MOD combines personal mobility with the movement of goods recognizing that increasingly these things are overlapped (for example, food delivery instead of going to get food, or ordering food and goods online with Amazon Prime instead of using mobility services to go to the store via different mobility services or your own car.

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Boyd Cohen, Ph.D. CEO IoMob

Boyd Cohen, Ph.D. CEO IoMob


Boyd is a researcher and entrepreneur in smart, sustainable & entrepreneurial cities, He´s authored 3 books & is CEO of IoMob.