Announcing WheelCoin Digital Collectibles

Boyd Cohen, Ph.D. CEO IoMob
2 min readFeb 17, 2023


At Iomob we continue to embrace building during the bear market. We are really enjoying the ability to rapidly innovate and deploy new features and functionality and utility for WheelCoin, the ReFi-focused Move2Earn/Impact2Earn solution.

In prior posts we have shared information about the original beta launch, about the ability to burn $WHL the reward token to obtain green mobility discounts (20 partners signed up so far and growing at 1–2 per week) and most recently the Global Mobility Challenge which is now under way (but your are not too late to enter and be eligible for more than $3k worth of prizes!).

OG Digital Collectibles from WheelCoin

In honor of our global from day one user community we thought our first in-app digital collectibles should celebrate transit stops in the 10 countries with the most active user base for WheelCoin. This resulted in a collection of 100 unique icons from: Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Nigeria, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, UK and the US.

In this post I will explain a bit more about how the collectibles program works and how this will relate to our near-term deployment on Celo.

  1. Step one is the WheelCoin user needs to download WheelCoin and allow it to passively track their mobility choices. 1 $WHL=1kg of avoided emissions by choosing a greener mode of mobility over a normal car.
  2. Users can go to the “Redeem your WHL for collectibles”. Once they open this section they agree to burn 1 $WHL. This opens a surprise box which reveals which station collectible you received.
  3. It is random which means you may end up with duplicates. Also there is one gold station for each city and these are rare, thus harder to obtain randomly.
  4. Users can scroll through their collection to see which ones they have and which ones are missing to complete the collection. Note there is also a % complete indicator which captures the updated status of your collection.
  5. Once our digital assets are on-chain, users will be able to buy and sell duplicates and of course acquire $WHL from users who sell theirs via a DEX.

If you are interested to see the collectibles in action, I put this demo video together to help our users understand how the program works.

Important note: the only way $WHL are emitted comes from users earning them by moving green. There is no allocation to founders or investors, etc. It is a pure fair launch token. But once users have earned them, they will be theirs to use how they want for any number of purposes including: burning them for discounts, burning them for collectibles and NFTs or donating or selling them through a DEX.



Boyd Cohen, Ph.D. CEO IoMob

Boyd is a researcher and entrepreneur in smart, sustainable & entrepreneurial cities, He´s authored 3 books & is CEO of IoMob.